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Type "demo" in the ManifoldLearn directory.  It should bring up GUI pictured below. Here, you can interactively set the regularization parameters gamma_A and gamma_I and observe the decision surfaces for the following algorithms: Regularized Least Squares, Laplacian Regularized Least Squares, Support Vector Machines and Laplacian Support Vector Machines, for a simple 2D classification problem. The interface should be self-explanatory.

This demo was made using guide v 2.5 and was tested with matlab 6.5 R13  running under linux.  Also tested under windows running cygwin (Put cygwin1.dll in your windows path or invoke matlab from cygwin; mex files were compiled under cygwin using gnumex ).

Author: Vikas Sindhwani (vikass@cs.uchicago.edu)